“Participating States” or “Participating Parties” is a technical express that is equivalent to “Member States” or “Contracting States.”

However, “Participating States”  is a more flexible expression in that it can be used to refer to States participating in an accord or organization either on a binding (treaty) or non-binding basis. The OSCE for instance, uses the expression “Participating States” whereas “Contracting Parties” is typically used by secretariats entrusted with the administration of a convention.

In EUCLID’s case, this expression allows some States to participate on a non-binding basis (e.g. Benin on the OSCE model) or on a UN registered and binding basis.

EUCLID’s Participating States are categorized as either “MOU Participants” or “Formal State Parties,” the former being the ones that are only parties to the Open Memorandum of Understanding (UNTS I-49006) without completing an additional filing procedure with the United Nations for application of Article 102, the latter being the ones that are also parties to the Updated Framework Agreement (UNTS-49007) and that have provided a form of legal clarification allowing for registration of their participation under international law with the United Nations Treaty Section:

Formal State Parties with UNTS registration (9):

Participating State’s
Highlight of the State’s international engagement Name and Highlights
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Americas)VC Highlight: Membership in Commonwealth, CARICOM and Organization of America States.
Sierra Leone (West Africa)SL Highlight: Membership in ECOWAS, Organization of the Islamic Conference.
Eritrea (Horn of Africa / Middle East region)ER Highlight: Membership in IGAD, African Union.
Senegal (West Africa)SN Highlight: Proposed host for EUCLID / IOSD AME HQ
Comoros (Indian Ocean)CM Highlight: Also a Francophonie, OIC and Arab League Member State
Burundi (Great Lakes Region)BI Highlight: Great Lakes region; actively engaged in inter-ethnic reconciliation and dialogue. Also IOM member and dealing with migration issues.
Central African Republic (Sahel, Congo Basin)CF Highlight: a country and government committed to a process of national renewal, sound fiscal policy and sustainable development.
Timor-Leste (Asia Pacific)TP Highlight: a newly independent state actively pursuing ASEAN (see flag on right) membership in 2011-2012.
The Gambia (West Africa)GM Highlight: a stable and tourist-friendly coastal state; headquarters since 2013.

EUCLID Participating States as MOU Participants (3):

Uganda (East Africa)VN Highlight: Membership in WTO.
Vanuatu (Asia / Pacific)VN Highlight: Membership in SPC.
Benin (West Africa), for participation on a non-binding basis, scheduled end of program is December 2012.BN Highlight: Membership in Francophonie